May 19, 2024


Sure, you’ve watched MacGyver (1985-1992) in chronological order. (And if you haven’t, why the heck not?) Maybe you’ve even seen watched MacGyver in the stochastic chaos of syndication order. But… have you ever watched MacGyver in anniversary order? That’s what we do here!


The MacGyversary Season starts each year on September 16th and continues through May 21st. It includes all 139 episodes and two made-for-TV movies over the course of 247 days, or 248 days on leap years. Speaking of, “The Odd Triple” (S3E14) aired on Leap Day, February 29th, 1988, and will consequently be celebrating its 9th anniversary in 2024.

Double Features

There are 13 days when two episodes aired some years apart. With the exception of the second made-for-TV movie, “Trail to Doomsday”, each Double Feature starts with a Season 1 episode.

Since the first half of Season 1 aired on Sunday nights, they often coincide with Season 2 episodes that aired on Monday nights one year later. The second half of Season 1 aired on Wednesdays, and so those episodes coincide with Season 5 episodes that aired on Monday nights four years later (including one leap day.) Calendars are weird like that.

Here are the MacGyversary Double Features in order:

  • September 29: Pilot (S1E01) & The Eraser (S2E02)
  • October 6: The Golden Triangle (S1E02) & Twice Stung (S2E03)
  • October 21: The Gauntlet (S1E04) & Walking Dead (S7E06)
  • November 3: The Heist (S1E05) & Jack of Lies (S2E06)
  • November 10: Trumbo’s World (S1E06) & The Road Not Taken (S2E07)
  • November 17: Last Stand (S1E07) & Eagles (S2E08)
  • November 24: Silent World (S2E09) & Trail to Doomsday (TV)
  • January 15: Nightmares (S1E11) & Live and Learn (S5E13)
  • February 5: Countdown (S1E14) & Log Jam (S5E14)
  • February 12: The Enemy Within (S1E15) & The Treasure of Manco (S5E15)
  • February 19: Every Time She Smiles (S1E16) & Jenny’s Chance (S5E16)
  • April 16: The Escape (S1E20) & Rush to Judgement (S5E20)
  • April 30: A Prisoner of Conscience (S1E21) & Passages (S5E21)